Biwi Ko Kabu Mein Karne Ka Taweez

Biwi Ko Kabu Mein Karne Ka Taweez ,” A not too bad relationship with your life partner, can provoke extraordinary satisfaction and joy in your life. However in the present involved and work filled world, this relationship is under generous weight. A contention with your better half, can be a result of various reasons and factors.

However whatever the reason is, it ruins the peace and quiet at home and demolishes the whole world around you. If you need a companion who is in your control and tunes in and agrees to your every thought and wish, you need to make a move. Here is an essential yet then competent Dua for you to practice, once a day to get control over your life partner and effect her to be respectable towards you.

Biwi Ko Kabu Karney Ka Taweez

‘Umul Salalaho Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqua Aanhaa Se Riwayat Hai Huzur Salalahi Wasalam’

Read this dua after you read the Sarahh Ikhlas –

‘Bismillahi Aliyul Azime Allah Hu Akbar Allah Hu Akbar

Bismil Illahi Allah Humma Jaanib Nassh Shaetana Wa Jannie Bish Shaiytana Me Raza Tanaktana

Allah Uma Innie Assaluka Min Khairiha Vaakhirei Ma Fie Vaakhirei Maa Jabaltah Alai Vah Audhu Va Sharrie Ma Jabaltah Ali’

You should read this 40 days 300 hundred times every day. Once done, your significant other will be in your kabu. Regardless you should similarly review that, this isn’t something that you should use for controlling your better half always. Life partner loves you and contemplates you. So you ought to use this select when she isn’t right or under shocking effect. This Dua will change her and take her back to listen to you. In case she is starting at now right in our thoughts and is extraordinary, there is no convincing motivation to use this Dua. You should simply use this for the advantage of the individual and not for whatever else.

Biwi Ko Razi Karney Ka Taweez

You should read “Muddat An Amal Taa Munsul A Murad” for 11 times each day. Alongside this you should likewise read the “Dareed Sharif” toward the finish of the Dua. Read the “Surah Al Akhlas”90 times each day for 11 days alongside “Darood Ibrahmi”for 41 times. Read “Ya Lateefo Ya Hallemo”. This is especially successful and will get brings about 30 days. Read “Surah Al Muijjamil alongside Darood Sharif 11 times each day. All these are dua that you can use to persuade your better half of something that you need to do and require her understanding. All these dua are effective and yield in prompt outcomes. You ought to however implore with most extreme focus and great hearted ness.

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