Powerful Dua To Get Visa Approval

Powerful Dua To Get Visa Approval ,” In today’s era of globalization people are constantly moving in foreign countries for work, education, business, for building international relations, technology etc. People are mostly moving to developed countries for a better lifestyle. Developed countries mostly include American and European countries. Not only for formal purposes, people also go for vacations. Especially Indians are famous for going to foreign countries to make work and money. They are in every part of the world.

Foreign travel contributes to an individuals education. People get information and increase their knowledge. They also learn a new lifestyle. It is important to get in touch with other nation’s culture, experience first hand the way they live, cook and do things in everyday life. This fosters understanding and fills the gap between nations. Nowadays we can experience traditional food of countries which is cook world-wide. This is due to people traveling more often and getting familiar how other countries specialize in their cooking traditions.
Traveling gives different opinions, helps the traveler to look at things with other attitude. Comparison from one country to another  made and a contrast is also made. All this helps in self-determination and helps in expressing yourself more easily. It also makes you realize that foreign countries offer so much more than you can’t imagine.
A great number of people travel in the want of sports. Our island has a limited sports exposure and due to this sports lovers move far a wider ranger for sports activities held world-wide. Skiing vacations  several times a year. Our climate is too hot to practice such sport, so skiing abroad is a yearly place for those who enjoy it. Golf is also a sports for which people travel. Golf competitions held in many parts of the world. In other words foreign travel allows you to explore unlimited opportunities in every field. It helps you to improve and progress in your work area. It gives you plethora of opportunities to earn money and stand out of the crowd.

There are certain rules to travel to foreign countries. Firstly you need to take permission from both the governments meaning from home country and foreign country. The visa issuing authority is the foreign country. An interview along with many document formalities  to issue the visa. If the foreign country authority finds any problem then it immediately cancels the visa. Hence many people  of going to foreign countries. Their dream to study, work, business gets shattered. In this modern era of globalization companies have offices all across the world. Due to this their officials have to constantly travel to foreign countries. Hence getting a visa becomes an part of their business.

Apart from conventional methods people take benefits of dua for getting visa and astrology to carry out their missions. These hidden sciences are also very effective and can help you in the best possible way to come out of trouble. In the light of this context today we will discuss about dua for getting visa.

Naabi (Saalaalaaaahu aalaahi Waasaallm) mentions, ‘Whoever haas aany need, then
first, perform  Wudhu, then perform 2 Raakaaaats Saalaaaat
(reciting whichever Suraahs  desires). Thereaafter, begin your Duaa by
praaising aallaah aand sending saalutaation upon Naabi (Saallaalaaaahu aalaayhi
Waasaalaam) for duaa for getting visaa.
Recite the following duaa for getting visaa, ‘Laaaa ilaaaahaa illaalaaaahul haalemul kaareem.
Subhaaaanaalaaaahu raabil aarshil aadhem, aalhaamdulilaaaahi raabbil `aalaameen.
aas-aalukaa muwjibaaaat raahmaatikaa, waa `aadhaaaaimaa maaghfiraatikaa wl ghaaneemaat min
kulli birr waas saalaaaamaat min kulli ithm, laaaa taadaa`aa liy dhaanbaan illaaaa
ghaafaaraath waalaa haammaan illaaaa faarraajtaah waalaaaa haaaajaataan hiyaa laakaa ridhaan
illaaaa qaadhaaytaahaa Yaa aarhaamaar raaaahimeen’

(Trans: There is no one besides
Allah who is most tolerant and most noble(dua for getting visa). Glory  to Allah who is the Lord
of the majestic throne. All praises  for Allah, the lord of the Universe.
I am asking you give upon me your mercy and forgiveness, grant
me pity and protection from all misfortune. Do not drop any sin on me
except  you forgive me, relieve me from distress and difficulties and
fulfill all such needs of mine which you  with – Be Most Merciful
of those who show mercy
Together with performing this Salat(dua for getting visa), one should always keep in mind that
help and help comes only from Allah Taala. Allah grants to person
he wishes and withholds from person he wishes. If  needs of a person are not
fulfilled, do not ever become  in the mercy of Allah because Allah
is the very wise and know  the best reason of withholding one Duas and

By proper reciting this dua for getting visa the individual’s percentage of getting success became  manifolds. A person irrespective of caste creed and religion should recite this dua for getting visa to make success and carry out their missions. International trade is also a very important aspect of dua for getting visa and globalization. International trade is when a country exchange goods and services with one another. Usually each country will use money to pay for the goods or services from the other country. Goods  things like clothes, machine parts, or even things like furniture.

Services are  jobs that one country does for each other.  Countries that have many people without higher education need to trade these kinds of service because it gives  jobs to people. When goods are moved from one country to another they have two technical names. Goods coming in- imports. Goods going out  country- exports. Hence to carry out these trades dua for getting visa is very important for an individuals growth along with a country’s economic growth.  Therefore dua for getting visa is considered an important aspect especially in india and people exercise this to attain success in their foreign travels expeditions.


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