Powerful Wazifa for Bad Husband


Powerful Wazifa for Bad Husband ,” If your husband is a pervert, rude, arrogant and all the time he shows anger to you, in fact sometimes he beats you. This is wazifa is very powerful and insha ALLAH you will get effective results soon, once you do it with all the efforts. You will surely get the results in your favor.

Wazifa in Urdu

Wazifa in Urdu Transliterated in English 

Agar kisi ka shohar bahut hi bad mizaj ho aur apni biwi se aye din jhagda karte rahta ho. To ese surat me biwi ko ALLAH Zille Shanahu ke Ism “YA LATEEFU” 69 martaba parhkar chambeli ke tel par dum karein. Aur is tel ko fir shohar ke sir par mal de, malish kare. Ye amal teen (3) shab bila nagah kijiye. Insha ALLAH is Ism-e-Azam se shohar narm hojayenge, aur badmizaji bhi door hojayegi.

Wazifa in English Translation

If anyone’s husband is rude, every time live in anger and doesn’t care for his wife. Then, in this circumstances such wives can perform this wazifa. What they have to do is Recite “YA LATEEFU” 69 times and blow on a jasmine oil and then massage and rinse this oil on husband’s head in the night. Do this wazifa continuously for 3 nights. Insha ALLAH the husband will be soften towards his wife and start caring and loving.

You can perform this wazifa during menses. But for sure shot results better do it while you are cleansed.

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