SHADI KA WAZIFA – TO GET YOU MARRIED,” Marriage is the ceremony where bride and groom perform their religious rituals to stay together as a husband and wife forever. In muslims, Wazifa is required to get married. Wazifa is different for different purposes. For Example, Wazifa to get you married soon, Wazifa for love marriages, Shadi ka Wazifa etc.

Shadi ka Wazifa

Wazifa written for the purpose of performing marriage is Shadi ka Wazifa. It is important to have a life partner in our life. The one who does not believe in it, at some point of time he will realise that he needed someone who can listen and share his worst and beautiful moments of life. Many eligible couples have managed to perform a marriage but still some eligible couples always finds some obstruction that block their way to get married. But they do have the way and it needs some effort from them and put all their faith in God. If they perform Shadi ka Wazifa then they do have a chance of getting married. Love couples can also use this Wazifa to make their marriage happen. Shadi ka Wazifa is very effective and to perform this one must need to follow the rules  or steps.

Given below are the rules to perform Shadi ka wazifa and remember if you are not performing according to the rules then it will not work and you lost your chances to have a marriage.

  1. Recite Darood-e-ibrahimi at the start and end of the namaz.
  2. You need to recite Darood-e-ibrahimi eleven times.
  3. You need to repeat above for 11 continuous days.
  4. Do dua after you finished with namaz.
  5. The place and time where you are performing Wazifa should be same everyday.
  6. Every day you have to wear the same clothes at the time of performing Wazifa.
  7. You should be alone in the room when you perform this and must not be disturbed by anyone.



shadi ka wazifa



Difference of Writings

To perform marriage in Muslims are different in different regions. Wazifa is differently written in each of these: Quran, Ramadan and Urdu. Shadi ka Wazifa also comes in different writings.


Wazifa in Urdu

Shadi ka Wazifa in Urdu is very effective wazifa for those people who wants to get married and find themselves comfortable in reciting Wazifa in Urdu. It is said that reciting Wazifa in Urdu is more effective than any other Wazifas written in other writings. One should need to be careful before picking Wazifa because you can find many unapproved wazifas which may contain many mistakes. Before using any Wazifa you need to make sure that you are using approved Wazifa otherwise all your efforts will go into vein.


Wazifa in Quran

Many Wazifas are written in Quran to achieve something, whether it is your goal or love. These Wazifas have the power of Quran. Using Shadi ka Wazifa in Quran will be the good option for those who want to be married. The other wazifas you can use are shadi ka Wazifa in Ramadan which can be perform during Ramadan and shadi ka wazifa surah taha.

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