WAZIFA TO GET YOU MARRIED SOON ,” The practice of reciting and meditating done by Sufi is Wazifa. They pray to Allah to make impossible possible. Wazifa can be performed for many different reasons like to get you married, to get you married soon, to get you married to someone you love. There are different wazifas made for different purposes and among them you have to choose the best wazifa which is well fitted in your condition.


How to get marry soon?

In many muslim nations there is a belief that to manage your family successfully one should have to get married as soon as possible. Late marriage is considered as bad for managing a family. Therefore, marriage should be done in the younger age only. Some are successful but some are not. Some may find difficult to get married because of different reasons. Wazifa for getting you married soon is made for those people who find difficulty in getting married.


wazifa for marriage soon


How Wazifa is performed?

Before performing Wazifa you have to make sure the reason for which you are performing Wazifa is correct.

Wazifa is performed after reading the Salah 5 times. It is compulsory for every Wazifa. Some Wazifa also requires you to be alone in a room while doing Wazifa.

Your clothes and body should be clean while performing Wazifa and for men it is restricted to make a shave as it will break the sunnah of the prophet. Location and time must be same every day to perform Wazifa and if it is not possible and you have to move to other location then take your mat with you on which you read your wazifa.


  1. If you disobey or break any of the above rules then Wazifa will not work.
  2. Keep continue your Wazifa even after the completion of stated time period until you did not get what you want.
  3. Don’t leave Wazifa in between otherwise it will not work.

If you want to get married in 11 days then you have to perform a Wazifa for getting married in 11 days.


Wazifa to get you married in 11 days

This Wazifa helps the person who wants to get married in two weeks or as fast as possible. Like other Wazifas, this wazifa also performed in the same manner with the difference of some steps. These steps are explained below.

Each day after doing Esha Salah one should have to read Darood/Salavat 11 times for eleven days and after finishing the Wazifa do Dua every day. During this period if you have a dream of getting married then this means that Wazifa is doing its job.

Among many different Wazifas you have to select which one is best for you and which one is approved.

Many muslims find themselves comfortable when they find the Wazifa written in Urdu. Wazifa have different ranges i.e. it is available in Hindi and English also. Wazifa written in these languages has a motive to make the person understand wazifa who is not familiar with Urdu or if there is a case of love marriage.

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